URL Shortener
URL Shortener

There are many steps to maintain your online business. If you have a company website, the first thing you should do is create a URL for your website. URLs are the mandatory part of the website, So you should use URL Shorteners because of its takes less space. A URL shortener is used to track the sources of your website traffic in order to evaluate the efficacy of your marketing activities. The most important thing is that you should not require any suggestion to handle it.

URL Shorteners

URL shorteners are a technique on the Internet that is used to create a short unique URL that redirects to a specific page or post of your website. These URLs shorteners are also created as short URLs for youtube videos also. There are various types of URLs Shorteners that include, TinyURL, Bitly, and Cuttly.

Benefits of URLs Shorteners

Both professionals and consumers can benefit from link shorteners. It allows users to condense long URLs into a more manageable format. This program can also be used to convert meaningless addresses into something more intelligible.

Let's look at what URL shorteners can do now and what they can achieve for you in the future.

Decrease Link length for Social Media Sharing

Social Media platforms
Social Media platforms

In this modern era, Everyone is on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and many more. You can share your Website URLs on these platforms for getting traffic and increase your audience.

However, most people spend their time on these social media platforms because most content is available on them. There's also the issue of most posts having a finite number of characters. For Example, If we talk about the Twitter platform, where you can only post the maximum number of 280 characters at a time. which means if you share a long URL you faced a problem sharing your post. That's why you should use URLs Shorteners for sharing your link on social media platforms.

Make User Friendly URLs

User Friendly URLs
User-Friendly URLs

Websites URLs are simple and easy to remember, but they become complicated because of the URLs length. 

For example, a blogger writes a blog article, and Google generates complicated or long URLs for it. The URL address above is confusing and difficult to remember. https://sites.google.com/view/daily-tech-approach/home?read current=1 will be the URLs that have been created. If people click on the link on the internet, they will be redirected to a blog post. The above URL address is perplexing and tough to remember. For this reason, we use URL shorteners.

Instead of utilizing this long address, you can use a URL shortener like bit.ly/digital-marketing-2022 to produce a human-readable address. This makes the link more detailed, and anyone who clicks it will be redirected to the above lengthy URL.



The most important thing about using URL shorteners is to create a branded link and do marketing. which means you can change your lengthy URL according to your brand and marketing strategy. 

For example, a university creates a Google Forms to create a questionnaire for the students, the university form's address will be a generic link created by Google. But if you are using link shorteners, you can change the address that can more interaction with your brand.

Tracking Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics
Audience Analytics

Knowing your target market's demographics will help you better understand how to engage with them and address their requirements, which is the most crucial aspect of any marketing effort.

URL shorteners do more than just shorten your URL's length. It can also utilize them to figure out where your visitors are physical, how they got to your page, what device they were using when they clicked the link and other information.

These indications may be useful in determining whether your advertising and marketing initiatives are on track to accomplish your goals. You can create more effective techniques for getting better results with this knowledge.

Get More Clicks

Website Clicks
Website Clicks

The last and most important factor of using a URL shortener is to get more likes. shortener links make it easier for your followers to click. Shorl links are also better in search results as compared. It allows your blog post to come out faster in search results, over descriptive links.


I hope that this explanation has clarified about URL shortener and why you should use one. As a result, you establish and build your online business with URL Shortener. If you liked this article, please share it.


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