Stock Andriod
Stock Andriod

Stock Android is a version of Google’s latest mobile operating system that isn’t altered by wireless carriers, phone manufacturers, or third-party apps. At its core, Stock Android is a combination of Google’s own applications, such as Gmail and Maps, with Google Play store apps. 

Stock Android refers to the version of the Android operating system, designed by Google and used on their phones, that hasn’t been modified from its original form by the manufacturer Samsung, HTC, etc. 

This is different from skinned versions of Andriod, where there are visual differences between each phone and operating system, and some functions have been added or removed as well.

What is Stock Android

What is Stock Andriod
What is Stock Andriod

A phone that runs Google's pure version of Android is referred to as Stock Android. This means no UI overlays from manufacturers, no carrier bloatware, and (usually) frequent Google upgrades. It's not difficult to find a phone with stock Android at a reasonable price if you do your research—the Moto G range is particularly nice.

The software is fantastic, however, if you go for a phone that runs on stock Android, be sure you don't need extras like waterproofing or wireless charging. These are nice features, but they aren't as important as they were when phones started receiving water-resistant coatings and wireless charging technology was still in its infancy.

What Makes Stock Android So Great

Make Stock Andriod Great
Make Stock Andriod Great

Although many of us love having a few custom features here and there, many of us realize that stock android is sometimes better than our own custom builds. For example, when someone upgrades their phone they lose all of their progress with custom launchers and wallpapers. 

The best part about stock android is that when you upgrade your phone, you aren’t worried about losing all of your information; everything will be exactly how it was before. This means that you won’t have to re-customize things if you decide to purchase a new device in a year or two. If you are interested in learning more about what makes stock android so great, keep reading below!

Why Is Stock Android Considered Better

Stock Android Considered Better
Stock Android Considered Better

There are a few reasons why stock Android is preferable to modified Android. To begin with, Stock Android features a better user experience and security that is easily accessible. There are other apps that are only available on Stock Android and make using your phone more convenient.

Last but not least, it is small and light, with quick access to features such as Wi-Fi and GPS. Use Stock Android instead of modified versions if you want a better user experience.

The Downside of Stock Andriod

Downside of Stock Andriod
The downside of Stock Andriod

Everyone thinks that buying a Google phone is a good thing; it’s inexpensive, you get stock Android, and you don’t have to worry about installing or upgrading software. The problem with using stock android as an operating system for your smartphone is that it only covers about 85% of what your average user wants. 

Of course, if we were talking about your average user, then stock android would be perfectly fine. But, we’re not. We are talking about tech-savvy users who want more than just basic functions from their phones.


Although some smartphone users swear by their custom launchers and icon packs, others are looking for a more low-key alternative. If you’re someone who likes a phone that just works, you may want to try out stock android. When talking about phones with stock android, we don’t mean devices running operating systems such as AOSP or CyanogenMod—we mean devices running Google’s in-house operating system (OS), Android.

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