Activate Windows Watermark
Activate Windows Watermark

If you are installing an unlicensed or trial version of Windows 10, you might notice a watermark that says "Activate Windows" in the bottom right corner of your screen. When the operating system is not activated, the Windows activation watermark shows.

The Activate Windows watermark has no effect on the speed of your computer. Nothing in the OS prevents you from attaining your goals; it merely irritates your eyes by constantly appearing on the desktop.

If your PC also has an 'Activate Windows' watermark, this article may be of use.

Methods for Removing Watermarks

We'll go over some of the greatest ways to get rid of the Windows activation watermark in 2022 in this article.  All of these solutions will assist you in permanently removing the activation watermark from your PC. So, let's take a closer look.

Method 1. Buy a License Key

If you're running an inactive version of Windows, the Activation watermark will appear. Purchasing a license or activation key is the simplest way to remove the Activate Windows watermark.

A digital key can be purchased straight from the Microsoft Store. An activation key can also be purchased from Amazon. Windows 10 Pro's regular home edition costs roughly PKR 42,999. (around USD 242).

Method 2. Editing Registry Values

If you don't want to buy an activation key, however, you must utilize this technique. To remove the activation watermark, we'll make some adjustments to the Windows 10 registry files using this method.

"Please keep in mind, however, that this will not activate your Windows operating system." The watermark will only be removed from the screen of your computer."

Step 1: To begin, launch your computer's RUN dialogue box.

Step 2: Type 'Regedit' into the Run dialogue box and press the Enter key.


STEP 3: In the Registry Editor, go to the following path:
HKEY LOCAL MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Services> svsvc HKEY LOCAL MACHINE> SYSTEM> CurrentControlSet> Services> svsvc

STEP 4: Now, in the svsvc file, look for 'Start' in the right-hand panel.

STEP 5: Double-click the Start button. Enter '4' in the 'Value Data field and click 'OK.'

STEP 6: Exit the registry editor and reboot your computer.

Activate Windows

Done. You will be prompted to restart when you have done so.

Method 3. Activate Windows (KMSPico)

If the Activate Windows watermark still appears, you just have one option. To activate the Windows 10 operating system, you can utilize third-party software like KMSPico.

As we all know, KMSPico has been around for a long time and can activate most Microsoft products, including the Office suite, Windows 10, and so on. Here's how to get started with KMSPico.

Step 1: Download and install the KMSPico application on your PC. When you right-click on the file, choose 'Run as administrator from the context menu.

Step 2: After the software has been installed, go to Windows search and type in KMSELDI. Select 'Run as administrator from the context menu when you right-click on KMSELDI.exe.

STEP 3: You should now see a screen similar to the one below. after that, press the red button'.

STEP 4: Click the 'Tokens Backup' option after checking the 'Remove Watermark' box.

STEP 5: Take a breath for a few moments. You'll get a notification that says "Watermark has been removed" after you're finished.

Restart your Windows 10 computer to see the changes take effect. The good news is that this method also activates the operating system on the computer.

The three most popular methods for removing the Windows 10 activation watermark are as follows. I hope this information is helpful! If you know of any more options, please let us know in the comments section below.

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